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This is our small group game between artist and programmers in Media Design School. The Project we are making is a top-down Co-op 2D game. its about going back in time to collect resources but you get stuck back in time and is trying to get back to your own timeline.

player01 plays as Special Agent Steph who is stranded in the past of horror and danger. With no other humanly help she calls upon her one last equipment that didn't get destroyed, Robot No.8. Unloaded and ready to protect , Robot No.8 floats and hovers around her and defender her from anything but if Steph goes too far away No.8 will shutdown on spot.

Goal of the Game is to collect and find parts to repair the gear and machine to go back to her Home.

Published Nov 10, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Action-Adventure

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